Magnificent Mind

By Jan Christenson


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Author Jan Christenson Magnificent Mind Uncover-Your-Psychological-Well-Being So You Can Live in Heaven While on Earth
Jan Christenson
Magnificent Mind by Jan Christenson Uncover Your Psychological Well Being So You Can Live in Heaven While on Earth

Magnificent MIND

This book will help you understand your thinking. You are never broken inside; you just need to take yourself, your thinking, and your life less seriously. There is a divine wisdom always present and waiting for you to listen to it.

There is no one — and I mean no one — wiser than you and me. We all have available to us this wisdom that is ready and willing to help you to be safe, to be happy, and to live a most fulfilling life. There is really nothing for you to do except read and watch for a lovely feeling to develop inside of you. This feeling is with you from birth; it is your ever-present inner energy of psychological well-being.