About the Author

Author Jan Christenson Magnificent Mind Uncover-Your-Psychological-Well-Being So You Can Live in Heaven While on Earth

Jan Christenson

I live in Canada. This is where my husband Rae and I have raised our two daughters; they are our absolute pride and joy in life. Along with a career in nursing, I received my B.A. in psychology at the University of Manitoba.

I have also undertaken the study of developing an understanding of the three principles of mind, consciousness, and thought. This understanding has enhanced my life immeasurably.

Following a workplace head injury and depression, I went through a long climb back to health. I learned of an ever-present, inner psychological health that I have always had and just needed to understand once again.

The result of this knowledge has led me to a life of peace, contentment, and love. I hope this book will lead you to a similar place.

Magnificent Mind by Jan Christenson Uncover Your Psychological Well Being So You Can Live in Heaven While on Earth